Núria Coll-Bonfill, PhD


Vascular aging /Science Communicator


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About me

I am a Catalan researcher born and raised by the shores of the Mediterranean sea and currently living in Saint Louis, MO (United States). I grew up in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), but I have my family origins in a little cozy village called Capçanes, Priorat: a region full of wonderful lansdscapes, mountains and great wine.

I was shaped by the mediterranean culture and I consider myself a hardworking person, fearless, curious and with certain connectedness to the people who matter. As a nature lover, I love hiking, travelling and discovering new places.

In addition,  I am willing to promote and encourage scientific knowledge in our society. Science touches the lives of every person on this society so I strongly believe in the need to step outside of my research in order to communicate my science and engage with the public. I envision using science as a key instrument to achieve inclusion and equality worldwide. 

Please explore my website to learn more about me, my work and my efforts to communicate science to the public.

"At the age of 10 I read an article by Dr. Dyan Fossey at school and I suddenly felt completely touched by her love for biology. I have dedicated my whole life to science & research since then."

Núria Coll-Bonfill